September intensive release of new products, the industry continued to boom
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   This September , the scientific community event after another : Microsoft married with Nokia, Samsung released the first smart watches Galaxy Gear, Apple's new conference will be held next week , Google will also welcome their 15th birthday.
   As the world's leading smartphone manufacturers , Samsung has come out on top wearable equipment market . Yesterday , Samsung International Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin published on smart watches Galaxy Gear. Galaxy Gear is more like a worn on the wrist can be a simple smart phone, the homepage screen shows the time and the home camera, address book and other applications shortcuts. Match with the phone , the user can directly through the Galaxy Gear watches answer or make a call. It is reported , Galaxy Gear smart watches priced at $ 299 in September 25, and it will be landing in 149 countries and territories worldwide .
   Many South Korean technology companies bullish on the Galaxy Gear, series that European markets high-end smart phone business is close to saturation , wearable smart devices will become a new growth point . However, some analysts said , Galaxy Gear Samsung does not give a significant contribution to profits , but will become effective branding tool. U.S. "Forbes" magazine online edition published review articles and more that Galaxy Gear battery life is too short, functional advantage is insufficient to really attract the attention of consumers .
   According to data compiled firm Canalys statistics, last year, the global market shipped 330,000 smart watches , and more importantly, the market will be detonated at the end of 2014 , Samsung , Apple , Google and other next-generation wearable devices released after , wearable device market will show a dozens of times growing.
   On the 11th, Apple will at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, held a press conference. Unlike in previous years , the next few hours, Apple will hold a press conference in Beijing , this is the first time Apple released new US almost simultaneously . Analysts believe that Apple will launch iPhone 5S in the conference with an inexpensive version of the iPhone 5C, may also showcase iOS 7 more new features and announced iOS 7 official version of the release time.
   Another technology giant Google recently as the September 27 anniversary of its establishment . The industry believes that this date was established to get more media attention . Google has also announced that so far has been activated more than 1 billion Android devices , far more than the total sales of iPhone . Market participants believe that the major technology giants around the corner, investors' appetite for technology stocks will be enhanced.
   Sector Assessment : one : macroeconomic stabilization and recovery , China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released in August PMI index 51% higher than in July rose 0.7 percentage points , rebounded for two consecutive months , showing macroeconomic stabilization and rebound in Against this backdrop, we determine the nine months early market downside risk is minimal ; hand, with intensive release of new products ( September 2 : Meizu MX3; 9 May 4: Samsung GalaxyNote3; 9 5 November: Sony Xperiai1; 9 5 November: millet 3 ; September 10 : iPhone5S/iPhoneC; 9月23日: OPPON1), is expected to bring a new round of stocking, sales season, to bring about a positive chain driven effect ; in addition , from reported data, the electronics industry profitability has been restored to its historical average , with the continuous release of new products into the consumer at the third and fourth quarters, the industry boom is expected to continue .
   Stocks, we are optimistic about wearable devices, smart phones , tablet PCs bring development opportunities , as well as the rapid rise of LED lighting market gluttonous feast. Investment targets , we recommend attention : Beijing Junzheng ( 300,223 ) , Deren Electronic ( 002,055 ) , BDO Runda ( 002,005 ) , the ground on photovoltaic ( 002,638 ) , Jufei ( 300 303 ) , a long letter Technology ( 300083 ) .
   July, global semiconductor devices continue to more than I year maintain a value of more than BB , showing the semiconductor industry is still in the expansion cycle.
   Association of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) announced in July 2013 North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers to-bill ratio (Book-to-Billratio) preliminary estimates of 1 , lower than June 's 1.08 , for the seventh consecutive month high in one . SEMI said in July 2013 North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers worldwide orders received three-month moving average amount of preliminary estimates of $ 1.27 billion , compared with $ 1.33 billion in June decreased by 4.6% , but lower than 2012 's $ 1.23 billion over the same period increased 3.1%. BB values for seven consecutive months, the semiconductor industry is still higher than the one displayed in the expansion state, but from the monthly view , the orders in July declined , indicating a rebound momentum remains weak . Japanese semiconductor equipment industry in July 2013 book to bill ratio (BB value ) of 1.4 by the June fell 1.19 , this data shows that July 's orders amounted to 92.841 billion yen , compared with 94.934 billion yen the previous month decreased by 2.2% , the second consecutive monthly decline . In addition, the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) data show that in July 2013 the global semiconductor sales were $ 25.53 billion ( 3 month moving average ) , the highest record year , an increase of 2.6% , an increase of 5.1%.
   Consumer electronics , intensive release of new products to enhance the industry boom . Samsung took the lead on 4 September in Berlin, Germany Unpacked2013Episode2 conference officially released a new generation of cross-border flagship model - Samsung GALAXYNote3 and new smart watch GALAXYGear, followed by Sony, millet , Apple will continue to release new products , followed by a new round of stocking related industrial chain is expected to have a positive role in promoting
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